About David Innes, owner of RealBasics.com

About David Innes, owner of RealBasics.com

David Innes, owner of RealBasics.comBack in 1988 and 1989 David Innes build is first "website" at Microsoft -- the hyperlinked help system for Microsoft Word.  He built his first real HTML website in 1997.

He's been building and repairing websites built with content management systems since 2002.  First with the Drupal CMS, and beginning in 2011 with WordPress.

Thanks to David's "checkered" background as an early crisis hotline operator, a street musician, stand-up trainer, journalism,  instructional design and documentation support, fine metal work instructor, and a historian of science, combined with a love for nerdy tools and technology for everything from welding to websites, he's comfortable working with just about everyone from lawyers to licensed massage therapists, material scientists to music archivists, astrologers to aircraft restorers, and publishers to pastry bakers.

David loves the internet not for the technology but because it's helps people with something to say find people who want to hear them say it.

David's key to success?  He knows his clients are just as expert in their professions as he's an expert in his.