Abracadabra Printing — Site Rescue

Abracadabra Printing – They’re “just like magic!”

The folks at Abracadabra Printing have decades of experience and do meticulous work.  In addition to top-notch printing, they offer a truly incredible array of promotional products — imagine your brand printed, engraved, or stitched into just about anything from a tiny decal to water bottles, sports jerseys, banners, or, for a successful after-IPO party, a fully-loaded laptop.  They’re proud to be a union shop to boot.  Do you need printing or promotional products?  Give them a call.

Joe, the owner, came to us for help finishing a website that had been orphaned by their previous developer.  We untangled the existing code, finished the rest of the work, and helped connect their promotional products online shop.

Update!  A few years ago Joe called with a serious problem: the small, local company that hosted his website, email, and domain registration was shut down by a ransomware attack!  That meant his website and email were down, which took a huge toll on his business communication.  While Abracadabra’s original hosting company never made it back online, with a little detective work, some well-timed off-site backups, and a lot of determination we were able to recover his domain name and get his site and email up and running on a much larger, more reliable hosting plan.


(Frequently asked question: Why don't we always provide links to the websites we build?  While the images you see are of the websites as we delivered them, one of our core values as web developers is "it's your website!"  We teach our clients to how to update and manage their own websites.  That means that over time their sites change to meet their needs, and so we don't feel it's fair to take credit for their contributions.)