Why do we add a page builder in almost every site?

We like the way Beaver Builder page builder lets you see the results when you edit the page.

Why do we add a page builder to almost every site we create?  Because we believe, strongly that it’s your website!”  Page builders just make owning your site that much easier.

For those of you who don’t know, a page builder is a graphics tool that lets you create and edit even very complex web content without fiddling around with HTML and CSS.

In “Why customers want WordPress Page Builders,” business guru Chris Lema said “The most important thing [site owners] care about is making changes easily and quickly.”

Page builders are great for that! By adding a page builder to almost all our sites we’re able to orient and train  to update and add to their sites, over the phone, in about half an hour!

This is why we we’ve been providing the goofy-named but first-class Beaver Builder page builder, a $99 value, free of charge for our customers.

The training alternative use to be explaining stuff like “click ‘edit page’ and scroll down to where it says ‘[col_two_one]'...” Or “now there are hidden things called ‘<div>s‘ in the code so don’t backspace over any paragraphs while you’re updating your hours…”

Yeah, we didn’t like doing that either.  Didn’t really make our customers feel empowered either.

So that’s why we use a page builder in all our new and rebuilt sites: to help make your website your website!


David Innes, RealBasics.com

I've been building and maintaining websites since 1997 and building and supporting similar hypertext-driven software since 1987. I've done maintenance, support, and maintenance for physical and digital systems since 1981. And no, I still haven't seen it all but by now I usually know where to look. More about David Innes...