Are Millennials Real? How to Market your Website to the Next Generation

When you throw words around like “Millennials” it tends to get an eye roll from either Millenials themselves, or everyone who is tired of hearing about what else they’ve ruined this week. However, they’re making a big impact in every aspect of the economy. Millennials technically make up ¼ of the US population with a total of 77 million. (Nielsen). In addition to being one of the most influential generations, they’re also one of the smartest! Millennials are the best-educated group of young adults in US history, with ⅓ of older millennials (ages 26-33) having earned at least a four-year college degree. (Pew Research Center).

So how do you keep your website relevant to a smart and tech-savvy crowd?

  1. Mobile Friendly: Tech-savvy means on the move and always on the phone. Keeping your website mobile friendly will make sure to reach the right audience. All plugins and key components of a mobile-friendly website are important to keep up-to-date. 66% are confident that the information they find on mobile devices is the same on a desktop (Google).
  2.   Speed is Key: Millennials have a sense of urgency. If they don’t find what they’re looking for on your site within one or two clicks, they are likely to leave and go to a competitor’s site instead. The fastest wins the race and the sale.  Make sure your copy is succinct and easily understood, and all major questions are answered as quickly as possible.
  3. Buying incentives: 90% of millennials look for coupons while buying anything online. Aim for attractive CTAs in the right places displaying offers or first-time visitor deals. Updated e-stores are important as well. 15% of millennial smartphone owners make online purchases on their smartphones multiple times per week, plus another 15% make smartphone purchases weekly. (Fluent) Not only does it mean your website needs to be mobile friendly, but user-friendly too!
  4.  Means of contact: The millennials want to know all the possible ways to connect with you – a mere contact phone number won’t suffice. Giving them your email, your Instagram page, your Twitter handle etc. ensures there are multiple ways through which they can reach you. 66% of millennials follow a company or brand on Twitter and 64% like a company or brand on Facebook to score a coupon or discount. (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth).
  5. Minimalism: The new business generation hates clutter on a website and they won’t make an extra effort to gain clarity from clutter. Less is more when designing your UX.

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