Arithmetic: would you spend $500 to save $10?

If you have really terrible hosting it can cost you

  • Lost leads
  • Lower search engine ranking
  • Abandoned site visits
  • Lost sales
  • Lost customer

If you have “Inexpensive,” but really terrible hosting it can also cost you…

  • Additional hours of development time

Because somebody’s got to spend time on the phone with your host’s tech support, doing extra profiling, cutting back out cool features that were added but then must be removed, lowering the quality of images so they’ll load faster, and…

Long emails explaining why your nice new site still takes forever to load on your $4.95/month hosting.

That’s going to cost you money. Up to an additional $500!

There are some very good hosting companies that cost $5 – $10 a month more… and are 5 and sometimes 10 times better than bad “cheap” hosting.

We don’t do hosting ourselves. But we recommend very good plans. We even use them ourselves.

We have to care what you choose though, because we’re likely to keep working with you and supporting you. Imagine how we’d feel having to apologize month after month… like the techs at really bad hosting companies must.

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David Innes,

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