Principles for blogging or any other social media posts

The post is about using Instagram stories but it applies to social media posting in general, and blogging in particular. It’s the full text of an excellent article about posting strategy, from Reddit user Remarkable_Celery709. It was posted in the u/smallbusiness subreddit on Reddit. I almost never quote other people’s complete work, but I’m posting…

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What’s the difference between a Post and a Page?

In the r/WordPress subreddit user named only_sort_by_new asked a great question about how to use pages and posts (lightly edited) Help deciding on if something is a Post/Page and how to organize a sauce review site with Categories/Tags? Currently working on my first site which is suggesting and reviewing sauces. I love trying any type…

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Kids Company – redesigned and rebuilt

Portfolio - KidsCompany - rebuilt 2023

Kid’s Company provides after-school care, early learning, and summer camps in Seattle and King County. When we were approached to help redesign their WordPress website site we first did an assessment to see what they already had. There had been some interesting structural decisions. It was mostly the kind of changes you see when a…

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Dance Fremont – rebuilt for flexibility

Dance Fremont is a non-profit community dance school in north Seattle, for youth and adults, providing in-depth ballet and modern dance training since 1996. They’ve been a maintenance client and after several years of moving and rebuilding their studio they asked if I could help refurbish their website as well. The staff and volunteers built…

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Why every website needs a 50,000 mile checkup

Oil Change by Flickr User Tobin

Hey, if WordPress is so great why do so many web developers offer maintenance plans? Is WordPress really that insecure? Fragile? Hackable? No! A well-built WordPress site on a good hosting plan is surprisingly secure. So… why should you still get a good WordPress maintenance plan? Here’s how I explain things to my clients: WordPress…

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