How Do You Avoid Website Sameness?


Beautiful TV commercials, high tech web ads, you’ve seen all the different build-it-yourself website services like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, and so many more. They only sell you all the benefits of a serverless site making it seem like you have all the power to make your website unique. However there’s one problem with that thought, the sites are not unique! A recent article by CSS Tricks explains how entertaining the serverless sites can be in terms of a theme you can choose.

A few examples are:

And this one:


So what’s the moral to these entertaining images? The best thing you can do to avoid this website sameness epidemic of serverless sites, is to make your site yours! You don’t want your site to look like all these typical businesses. RealBasics loves to not only give you control of your website, we want you to own it! With the services of RealBasics, you get to own the site. You or your staff can easily update and extend it how you want it. We just give you the resources and set up the layout. If you have an old site and want to update and make it look modern, we can do that too! We don’t want your site to fall into the design hole of “sameness”. We’re here to really make your site uniquely yours.

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David Innes,

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