Over a billion websites: mostly parked, old, vulnerable!

Statistics site Internet Live Stats reports there are currently 1,060,822,043 websites in the world!  Even if you read this only minutes after I post there will already be thousands more!  Just follow that link and watch the counter fly!

ILS also reports, however, that

It must be noted that around 75% of websites today are not active, but parked domains or similar.


We’ll just add that of the remaining 250,000,000 sites an extraordinary number are live, yes, but also old, obsolete, broken, and vulnerable! Small wonder then that as operating systems become more robust hackers and spammers are breaking into and hijacking websites.

Ouch again!

Our advice?  Make sure your website software is up to date, backed up, protected with security checks and plugins, and of course regularly updated!  Either do it yourself or if you don’t have time or resources find someone able to do it for you.

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David Innes, RealBasics.com

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