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Blogging Got You Down?

Worry not! Real Basics knows your pain!

Blogging on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis is a lot to take in! Researching, writing, and re-writing all while keeping up your business seems impossible, but a recent article on lays out the simple question, “I’ve set up a business blog, now what?” Well, let’s look into specifics:

How do I come up with new ideas for every post?

The answer is a lot simpler than you’d think! Instead of writing about what you personally think people want to read, make your experience a little more scientific with the Google Keyword Planner. Start simply by searching words or phrases associated with your brand, products, or services your business provides. When Google provides this list to you, just pick and choose keywords to make your topics of blog posts! This method gives your blog posts the relevance to your readers because you’re now appealing to what they’re searching. The Keyword Planner also lets you build out charts to track keywords and phrases. Once you’ve built your keyword search structure, you can dive deeper into bidding on Google Adwords to boost your visibility online! We know this is a daunting task knowing how and what to spend your money on, and Real Basics is happy to assist in building your campaigns!

Find your Audience

Chances are, there’s a blog out there similar to yours. While that may be discouraging to think about, it’s actually a good sign. It means there’s an audience for you! Your business would not be successful if it wasn’t for you being able to sell your product to an audience, whatever type or group of people that may be. The 2nd best way to know what your audience is interested in, is to look into what the big blogs are talking about! Seeing what kind of opinions bigger blogs have makes it easy to agree or disagree with them in your own writing.

We know blogging is hard and knowing your audience is a lot of work! Real Basics can help you manage everything on your website from SEO, search words, blogging topics, style upgrades and much more! Learn about all our services HERE

Happy Blogging!


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