Brand new site for Jenny Penney Photos

Jenny Penney - Standard Site

Jenny Penney is a well-established local portrait and family-documentary photographer.

Jennifer Penney Boyle is an established portrait photographer in the Seattle area. We’d been already helping on and off with her main site, When she showed us her design for her new family-documentary website, we were thrilled to pitch in.

We built the framework for the site using the lively logo and design elements from our frequent collaborators at Chalkbox Creative. Jenny, a true do-it-yourselfer, added the photos and content. We’re really happy with the end result.


(Frequently asked question: Why don't we always provide links to the websites we build?  While the images you see are of the websites as we delivered them, one of our core values as web developers is "it's your website!"  We teach our clients to how to update and manage their own websites.  That means that over time their sites change to meet their needs, and so we don't feel it's fair to take credit for their contributions.)