But what if the malware is on your browser not your website?

Visit the FotoForensics browser malware and spyware test page.

Here at RealBasics we care a lot about keeping websites secure and sustainable.  But occasionally a client will say there’s something funny going on.  For instance that their website is showing advertisements or popups — something we never build into client’s business websites.*   This occasionally happens to computer security researcher Dr. Neil Krawetz, who did something about it!

“If you see ads on your browser when viewing any of my web sites, then it’s not because of anything I’m doing. More likely than not, your browser or computer are infected with adware, spyware, or other kinds of malware. … I just added a new test to my malware tutorial. Test #3 checks for unexpected HTML alterations” — Dr. Neil Krawetz

You can use his malware test too!  It’ll test your browser for evidence of malware or spyware, evidence of an ad blocker, and evidence that your browser or an up-stream service (your data provider or ISP!) is altering results.

Click here for a quick check.

Pretty cool.  And free!

Note: like Krawetz we’re unable to help people with hacked browsers — you’ll need a computer or phone repair person for help with that.  But if your browser gets a clean bill of health but your site’s still not doing what you think it should?  Give us a call — we love fixing websites.

* We think ads are a terrible idea on business websites.  Getting a prospective client to visit your site either takes a lot of effort or a lot of luck — far more than the few pennies you’re likely to get for hosting an ad that… leads your hard-earned prospect to leave your site and visit someone elses!


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