More reasons to use real hosting for websites

Screen shot of a news report about a LinkedIn security breach.

Bottom Top line: Never, ever host a public website on your personal or business network. Pardon the mild profanity in the screenshot but this video by network engineer Serena from @serenashenetworks explains why very well. The explanation might be a little more technical than you’re used to, but basically she’s describing the computer equivalent of…

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Scam: threatening email or contact-form spam from “Melissa”

Example of contact form spam from a scammer calling themselves Melissa

Our standard maintenance plan includes one hour of consulting a month. In the last couple of days several maintenance clients have contacted me after receiving scary, threatening “copyright infringement” messages coming from their contact forms or other sources. Here’s one example. Note the suspicious elements. And here’s another, note the similar email address? Others I’ve…

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