Has Your Account Been Breached? How Would You Know??

It’s more common than you’d think! Today, millions of websites are vulnerable to attacks including top brands like LinkedIn, Adobe, Target and more. However, when companies refuse to release or even admit their mistakes, it can leave the rest of us out in the open with our usernames and passwords. Luckily, there’s a site that…

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It’s finally time to start adding secure certificates to your site

Google Chrome will begin displaying warnings about unsecured sites on Jan. 31.

We’ve known for a while that Google was going to start dinging sites that didn’t encrypt their connections to protect their user’s private communications.  Now we have a date: Jan. 31.  If your hosting company isn’t yet providing nearly free certificates, or totally free ones from Let’s Encrypt or a similar certificate authority then… might be time to think…

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WordPress market share passes 27%

Image by via Luis Llerena via WP Tavern

People occasionally ask me why we specialize on WordPress even though we could support numerous other platforms.  To say “that’s where all the websites are” would be overstating it a bit.  But it’s not and understatement to say “27% of all websites now run WordPress.”  Here’s the lead paragraph for the post on WP Tavern. WordPress Passes…

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Noooo! A blogger went 14 years without backing up… and now it’s gone

One of the first pillars of website security… no the first pillar of website security: make frequent backups.  Make backups early and often.  Make backups because annoying things can happen to your server.  Make backups because bad things can happen to your accounts.  Make backups because catastrophic things can happen to your entire 14 years of literary and…

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