Checking Out ImageInject, a Tool for Adding Images to Blog Posts

I’m really enjoying playing with ImageInject, a new-to-me WordPress plugin from Thomas Höfter at WPScoop. Both users and search engines seem to prefer blog posts with nice featured images. But choosing the right image can be a huge obstacle for many bloggers (including me!) If you’re a business blogger it’s even harder to find images that are free to use for commercial purposes. Thomas’s plugin makes it very easy both to find and use these images in your posts and pages.

One tiny quibble would be the way the plugin inserts “attribution information,” the names and links of the artists and photographers who’ve made their work available for use. In my case I wanted to add an even bigger thank-you to the artists. Luckily the plugin has settings that let you do it your way.

I’m not quite ready to add it to every website I build for clients. But that’s likely only a matter of time.

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David Innes,

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