During Cold and Flu Season Your Site Works When You Can’t!

Does your website work for you even when you can't work?I wasn’t going to complain but I was actually pretty sick last week.  You know how it goes: first you think you’ve just got allergies and it turns out to be a cold, or (as in my case) you think you’re sore from moving furniture and it turns out to be stomach flu.  Yeah, that!  So I wasn’t going to mention it but!

I was at a business-group meeting this morning and this week a number of the regulars were out sick.  Does this make me a trend setter?  No, it just means it’s that time of year when colds and the flu just make the rounds.

Why am I bringing this all up?  Because at the meeting one of the other attendees mentioned visiting this website and looking at my portfolio.  She said she got a good impression of my work.  Which I have to say, is better than the impression she’d have gotten if she’d instead called while I was moaning and groaning with a 100 degree temperature!

Point being that  my website was still working for me even when I couldn’t!

Does your website work for you? Even when you can’t?

If not then let’s make it y0ur website!  Give me a call!  (206) 390-8082!

This week’s ideal client?  You or someone you know who has a merely mortal immune system during cold or flu season.

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