Dance Fremont – rebuilt for flexibility

Dance Fremont is a non-profit dance school located in north Seattle, Washington

Dance Fremont is a non-profit community dance school in north Seattle, for youth and adults, providing in-depth ballet and modern dance training since 1996. They’ve been a maintenance client and after several years of moving and rebuilding their studio they asked if I could help refurbish their website as well.

The staff and volunteers built much of the site over the years but the underlying theme and plugins were out of date. That made it increasingly hard for them to make their site match their vision. We rebuilt the website using their old design but with a professional eye towards performance, stability, and — because staff and volunteers will continue to work on the site — ease of use.

We also added an events calendar to help streamline the process of keeping classes, auditions, performances, and greater-dance-community events up to date.

Editorial note: Now that they’ve got new page-creation tools, staff, volunteers, and consultants are jumping in with new feature and design ideas. We usually don’t share the live URLs in our portfolio because site owners often continue to evolve their sites. Usually for better, other times… not. In this case I think it’ll be very much for the better. And with our ongoing standard maintenance agreement we’ll be able to help them keep their changes clean and consistent.


(Frequently asked question: Why don't we always provide links to the websites we build?  While the images you see are of the websites as we delivered them, one of our core values as web developers is "it's your website!"  We teach our clients to how to update and manage their own websites.  That means that over time their sites change to meet their needs, and so we don't feel it's fair to take credit for their contributions.)