Don’t just update WordPress, update your Zoom apps too

Whether you use Windows or a Mac remember to keep your Zoom application up to date

Just a reminder that for desktop users the Zoom app we use for meetings (including meetings to discuss maintaining, fixing, or building WordPress websites) doesn’t update automatically.  And at least my Mac desktop version doesn’t even remind me to check for updates.

Everyone else may have already known about this so maybe I only need to remind myself.  But…

It’s not just a (probably small) security problem if you don’t occasionally update Zoom.  It also means you might not get to use some of the whizzy new features Zoom adds, including possible new or improved background options, administration features, better connection times, performance improvements, and better options for audio too.

For Apple Macintosh / OSX users

If you use an Apple Macintosh you can check for updates by choosing Check for Updates under the menu.
If you use an Apple Macintosh you can check for updates by choosing Check for Updates under the menu.

For Windows users

If you use the Zoom desktop client for Windows you can click your profile picture and choose Check for Updates there.

You can find more information from Zoom’s knowlege base article, “Upgrade / update to the latest version.”

Zoom seems to update their app at least weekly, usually for minor little tweaks and fixes.  That doesn’t mean you should update every week but every now and then they do offer interesting or useful enhancements.

The main thing: don’t go a couple of months like I did. I just upgraded from version 5.4-something to version 5.6.  There are probably some cool things I… haven’t taken the time to look into because I thought I should write this email first. :-)

Annndddd if by chance you’d like to schedule a Zoom meeting with us here at you can do so with the very latest version of the Zoom app! :-)

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