Don’t tell anyone but we’re beta testing daily backups and WordPress software updates for all maintenance clients…

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Photo by Flickr user Vs Heidelberg Photos

We’ve been making weekly backups and software updates for our maintenance clients for a very long time.  Since sometime back in 2012.  We started officially in late 2013 or early 2014.  We always watch for malware and software vulnerabilities and run updates as soon as developers release fixes.

When we upgrading our hardware and software earlier this year we started experimenting with doing daily off-site WordPress backups and daily WordPress plugin updates… well… daily!

We’re still doing our weekly backups, and we store those securely for at least three years.  We make our daily backups separately from the weekly ones.  We keep the daily backups for 14 days because, combined with our standard long-term backups, that gives us enough coverage.

We’re not yet ready to announce daily backups and updates as a guaranteed feature for our maintenance clients.  Promising it would mean having someone always on standby on weekends and holidays to run software updates and to troubleshoot or roll things back in the unlikely event problems come up.  If you’re one of our maintenance clients, though, or if you become one, you might like knowing that we’re taking even more care of your WordPress site… even if we’re not telling everybody about it.


David Innes,

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