Ideal Client: Mid-sized Local Ad Agencies

Ideal client for website maintenance: Mid-sized ad agenies

Ad agencies know the value of offering full service to their clients.  And so in addition to designing and placing their television, radio, and billboard advertising it’s no surprise agencies like offer their clients website designs as well.  That way the client’s branding and messaging is consistent across all media.

Agencies often aren’t as crazy about managing the nuts and bolts of website management.  That’s where we come in.

At we love to keep other people’s websites safe, secure, backed up, and up to date.  We love updating other people’s pages and posts when they send us new web content designed to coincide with new video, print, and even social-media ad campaigns, newsletter mail blasts, and press releases.

Because we specialize in website development and support an ideal client for us is an agency that needs to support multiple websites for multiple clients, but doesn’t have the in-house staff to cost-effectively manage the task.

If you’re a mid-sized local ad agency with responsibility for clients websites, or if you know someone who is, have them give us a call.  We’d love to help!

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David Innes,

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