Ideal Client: Do-It-Yourselfers Who’ve Run Out of Gas

The cool thing about WordPress is that you really can do it yourself. Signup for a SiteGround or Dreamhost hosting account, use the “One Click” install button, pick a theme, add some text and upload some images and…  And seriously, you can be up and online very quickly!

That’s one of the great things about the web today.  Success really can be right around the corner!

So if it’s so easy, why is a successful do-it-yourselfer an ideal client for RealBasics?

I’ve got two answers for that really, because there are two ways to run out of gas on your website

  1. You see you could be even more successful if you could do something you don’t know how to do
  2. You’re so successful you could do it but you never have time!
    (You’l notice this website falls into category #2 so I know how you feel!)

Your website doesn’t come with a gas gauge, though, so what are some of the warning signs you might be running out of gas?

  • You know you should be updating your software, backing up your site, and running security scans… but don’t
  • You want to add ecommerce, event management, or really anything more complicated than a contact form;
  • You’d like to figure out why your menu or banner images look awful on tablets and phones
  • Your site’s taking a really long time to load each page
  • You got a warning from your hosting company that your site might have been hacked
  • The copyright mark at the bottom of your page still says it’s 2013 and you don’t know how to fix it
  • You keep meaning to blog but you never get around to it…

Most important indicator that you might be running out of gas though?

  • You keep finding yourself saying “I know I really should…”

If you or someone you know is in that situation?  That’s an ideal client for us.  We don’t want to take over the world wide web, we just want to get you back on the road.


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