Ideal Clients: Successful bloggers who don’t backup their sites

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A lot of bloggers start out almost on a lark and discover they love what they’re doing… and that their readers love them too.  Blogging successfully is it’s own job.  Constantly coming up with new content can be exhilarating and rewarding, but it can also be exhausting and time consuming.

It’s hard to shift gears away from the social and personal work of content, comments, and community to the under-the-hood annoyances of backups, updates, and security scans.

Do you know a blogger who’s been saying “yeah, I should really make a backup…” for the last 14 years?  Are you a blogger who’s got a lot invested in their site.

It’s sometimes hard for a great content creator to think about protecting their investment when they’re busy building it!  But at RealBasics it’s not hard for us — it’s our job, sure, but it’s also our commitment!

We’re not just able to help, we’re happy to!

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