Ideal Clients

Every week we attend a business breakfast where, among other things, we try and answer the question "who would be an ideal client for us this week." Here are some of our answers. You might be our next ideal client!

Rust in Peace by Flickr user Tom Diggers

How can I recover my WordPress site from an old backup?

On the r/Wordpress subreddit someone asked Help needed. I need to install an old backupI have a jetbackup file from 2017 that I took from my old site. I was trying to bring it back up. I built [a test server on Amazon.] I can start the restore but I get a lot of errors.…

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New site for Snoqualmie Valley Visitors

The Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce needed a website that helps people plan visits to the six cities in the valley. We worked with the video branding wizards at Adavanza Media Partners to build a visually rich introduction and invitation.

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Portfolio OneStepFurther - 2022

New website for One Step Further Flooring

JD Jarmer does meticulous flooring work, specializing in natural, LEED-certified floor coverings. My contractor friends appreciate his expertise and his clients applaud his ability to create large, precision-cut patterns in Marmoleum-brand linoleum. One of his unsung keys to success is waterproofing and leveling surfaces before laying down his flooring.

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ACS’s Division of Inorganic Chemistry – major site rebuild, ongoing support

The American Chemical Society’s Division of Inorganic Chemistry elects new executive committees every year. Mostly already very-busy professors, department heads, and professionals. After hiring to rebuild their website in 2019, they also hired us to provide training, support, and continuity as well as ongoing website maintenance services.

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The words "this page under construction" should not appear anywhere on your website.

If your website still says “Under Construction…”

It’s almost 2020 (already!) but according to a quick Google search there are up to several million websites that still have phrases like “this site is under construction” somewhere within their pages. Now the good news is many of the top results are other people cataloging and making fun of sites that still use that…

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Expert cleaners can fix that. Like when I leave a pen in the laundry. Or when someone breaks your website…

I can’t say how cleaners feel about cleaning ink-stained shirts to be honest, but we love fixing websites.  Broken or misbehaving or just plain old websites are like the world’s best puzzle. I’ve been washing and drying my own clothes for a very long time.  But I can still make rookie mistakes.  Like this weekend when…

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Update for December 2018: Signs of Naughty and Nice Websites

Photo by kevin dooley Two lists with a seasonal flair from web security provider Sucuri! “Naughty” features include outdated software, resused passwords, every user is an Administrator, and no automatic backups.  They also point out that if you’ve got more than one website it’s a security risk if they’re all kept in the same folders…

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Your Small Business Needs a Professional Website

Websites are more important than EVER! Unless you’re not interested in growing your business or brand, you need a website. The ease of the online community today is a major threat for businesses that are behind the times. Research has shown that more customers research shops online more than they do just walking in. “Of…

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Does Your Website Have a Blog? In 2018, it Should!

  It’s 2018, what are you waiting for? Blogging can often seem like a daunting task or one that seems like it would take up too much of your business’s or personal time. However, a recent article by gives us 10 reasons why you should start a blog with WordPress! Here are some top reasons:…

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Ideal Client: Public Speaker Sites

Do you know a popular public speaker that needs a new and up-to-date website? We love working with speakers of all kind to help create a modern and simple site that gets their point across and their audience interested. One of our clients is   Site owner Nikki Rausch wanted a site that would showcase…

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