Ideal Clients

Every week we attend a business breakfast where, among other things, we try and answer the question "who would be an ideal client for us this week." Here are some of our answers. You might be our next ideal client!

Ever Say “Our Site Needs Work But… It’s Fine?”

“Yeah, I’ve got a website. It needs a little work but… it’s fine.” You ever feel that way when someone asks if you’ve got a website?  Ever hear someone else say it when you ask them?       There are a million reasons someone’s website is “fine” instead of fantastic.  And, as they say, you…

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Ideal Client: Do-It-Yourselfers Who’ve Run Out of Gas

The cool thing about WordPress is that you really can do it yourself. Signup for a SiteGround or Dreamhost hosting account, use the “One Click” install button, pick a theme, add some text and upload some images and…  And seriously, you can be up and online very quickly! That’s one of the great things about the…

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Ideal clients for Website Updates: Materials Sciences Subcontractors

Ideal Client: Established Materials Sciences Sub-contractors

Well-established materials science sub-contractors might have thousands of clients for their specialized products and services… or if they’re in aerospace they might only have one or two!  Their marketing might be low-key, even word of mouth, and once established they may even have been doing business with the same procurement reps year after year. Times change though.…

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Ideal client for website maintenance: Mid-sized ad agenies

Ideal Client: Mid-sized Local Ad Agencies

Ad agencies know the value of offering full service to their clients.  And so in addition to designing and placing their television, radio, and billboard advertising it’s no surprise agencies like offer their clients website designs as well.  That way the client’s branding and messaging is consistent across all media. Agencies often aren’t as crazy about managing the nuts…

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Deleted all your website files?

“I Might Have Just Deleted My Website” Sounds Better With a Recent Backup

Do you have a backup plan for your website? Is it current and ongoing? Is your site backed up to your local machine, or the cloud, or somewhere that’s not on your server’s file system. I mention this because if your backups are stored on your server file system then if you accidentally delete all the…

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Let us keep an eye on your website for you.

SEO? Effective Blogging? Security? Updates? It’s Your Website – Let’s Make it Work Harder for You

Unless you updated your website last decade year month week chances are it’s at least a little out of date. Can you take advantage of the latest SEO best practices?  Are you making the best use of your blog?  Do you still have an old “contact us” form with no phone numbers or email address? …

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Does your website work for you even when you can't work?

During Cold and Flu Season Your Site Works When You Can’t!

I wasn’t going to complain but I was actually pretty sick last week.  You know how it goes: first you think you’ve just got allergies and it turns out to be a cold, or (as in my case) you think you’re sore from moving furniture and it turns out to be stomach flu.  Yeah, that! …

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Tiny acorn

Time to update when your website tells prospects your “tall oak” business is still a tiny acorn

  A lot of people build their websites when their businesses are just getting off the ground.  That’s actually a good thing, right, because early on a search-engine link could have been the only real “proof” that the business  existed. Your business might even have been in that position.  And chances are pretty good you,…

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