Message Control On Platforms You Don’t Own

Yesterday on my Facebook page I unfavorably compared GoDaddy’s “Deluxe” hosting speed to a 1996 USB thumb drive.

Today on my Facebook page?  Well, I did mention GoDaddy so Facebook helpfully decided I might be interested in…

Facebook posted a GoDaddy ad on my page one day after I harshly criticized GoDaddy!

The ad Facebook ran on my page after I harshly criticized GoDaddy a day earlier!

Thanks but no thanks!

There’s nothing wrong, by the way, in posting on Facebook. Not at all!  And it’s really not that big a deal.


When you post on other people’s platforms you really have no control over what else they might choose to post there too.

Good reminder, though, that the only place you really control your message is on your own website.

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David Innes,

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