“I Might Have Just Deleted My Website” Sounds Better With a Recent Backup

Deleted all your website files? Do you have a backup plan for your website? Is it current and ongoing? Is your site backed up to your local machine, or the cloud, or somewhere that’s not on your server’s file system.

I mention this because if your backups are stored on your server file system then if you accidentally delete all the files your backups will be deleted as well!

If you’ve got a WordPress or Drupal website, or even an old-fashioned HTML site, and you’re not absolutely positive you’ve got safe, secure, and recent backup system get in touch.  I mean before you need it.

RealBasics.com consulting can do a review of your backup strategy and help make sure the system you have in place really will protect your online presence.

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David Innes, RealBasics.com

I've been building and maintaining websites since 1997 and building and supporting similar hypertext-driven software since 1987. I've done maintenance, support, and maintenance for physical and digital systems since 1981. And no, I still haven't seen it all but by now I usually know where to look. More about David Innes...