Pexels Partners with to Create a FREE Stock Photo Option

Great news WordPress users! Struggle to find Stock Photos no more!

Have you ever had the difficult task of finding the perfect (yet free) stock image for your website or blog? I know I have! Even at this very moment I don’t know what the image will be for this post. Will it be an interacting office image like the one on the great WP Tavern article here? Or will it be whatever image from Pexel I can find that has to do with computers and pictures? Can you search “Stock Image” in a stock image site? Questions for a later day, I’m sure.

The geniuses at and Pexel have now partnered to create a free, diverse, and vast library of stock images right in your media bank on WordPress! For many websites and blogs, this is an upgrade everyone’s been anticipating. The feedback on the library has been overwhelmingly positive so far and users have already downloaded more than 1 million images since the free stock image library was introduced. users can access the images via the Add Media button.  Try it today!

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