Plum Seattle – Complete Redesign/Rebuild

We were really happy to work with the great designers at Chalkbox Creative on a full redesign of Lora Poeppings’ website. Lora and her staff at Plum are awesome HR and career-coaching professionals.

The 2022 revision of Plum’s website

We appreciate Lora’s kind words on LinkedIn too.

We think it’s a big deal…

After more than 11 years in business, Plum Coaching & HR Consulting has a new website AND logos that reflects our personality, our energy, and showcases our amazing team.

Please check us out!

Thanks to Chalkbox CreativeJosh Huisenga, and David Innes for their patience, creativity, technical know-how, and support as Plum continues it’s journey.

Thanks to all of our current and former clients, as well as business partners. You make this possible.

Proud to be a woman-founded and owned business.

LinkedIn page for Plum Coaching & HR Consulting


(Frequently asked question: Why don't we always provide links to the websites we build?  While the images you see are of the websites as we delivered them, one of our core values as web developers is "it's your website!"  We teach our clients to how to update and manage their own websites.  That means that over time their sites change to meet their needs, and so we don't feel it's fair to take credit for their contributions.)