RealBasics Recommends Jennifer Boyle Photography for business photography

Reverse disclaimer: We don’t get money or brownie points for recommending  Instead we wholeheartedly recommend her work because we get awesome complements for client sites that use her photos.   We can take credit for sites running quickly, securely, responsively, and sustainably.  But what people really notice is design, the text, and especially photos.  Jenny’s portraits and “business documentary” photos make our work look great!  We can’t recommend her enough.

We particularly appreciate that she’s got plans specifically for businesses, including

  • Basic Session for $175, for a full-size, free-to-use studio portrait
  • Full Session for $395, for an hour-long session ($40 more for on-site) for three full-size, free-to-use photos
  • Branding Lifestyle for $535, for a 90-minute on-site, possibly multi-location session with 30 full-sized, free-to-use photos

If you’re in the market for spiffing up your website with new photos give Jenny a call at (206) 406-6835, email, or visit her website: Jennifer Boyle Photography

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