RealBasics recommends...

We recommend these companies for our clients.  We either use the products ourselves or we've had excellent luck working with clients who use them.

Shared hosting

  • SiteGround Blue-ribbon shared hosting -- very well reviewed, very well respected, innovative and responsive. Their initial 1-3 year signups are heavily discounted but we strongly feel their higher regular prices are very much worth it.
    Check out SiteGround shared hosting
  • A2Hosting A2Hosting is another well-regarded shared-hosting company although all their signup options can get a little intimidating.  (Get in touch with and we'll send you our signup cheat sheet.)  But once you're up and running their shared hosting plans are powerful and trouble-free.
    Check out A2Hosting shared hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting

  • We're a little late to the VPS market as most of our small-business clients don't need the kind of horsepower you can get with a good VPS.  And to be honest, until fairly recently managing your own VPS involved considerable system-administration skills -- something we rarely see in non-technical professions.  That's where Cloudways comes in!  They take care of the nuts and bolts server security and management tasks!  Another cool thing about them?  Since they're only managing servers you can sign up with a healthy array of very powerful world-wide cloud-service providers like Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services,  Linode and Vultr, and Google CloudPlatform!  Unlike smaller and shared-hosting services that can "run out of room" as your business grows, with Cloudways you can scale your website to handle truly gigantic traffic.
    Check out Cloudways managed VPS hosting

Important disclaimer: We're proud to recommend these products, not least because we use them ourselves or else find they work very well for our clients.

We've use all the products and services listed here ourselves, long enough to rely on, grow confident about them, and after careful consideration believe could be of benefit to our own clients and prospective clients.

If you purchase a service after clicking the links above the price to you will be the same but we'll get a small commission.  If this makes you uncomfortable, well, we still recommend them enough that we're happy to provide links that don't give us any sort of commissions, credits, brownie points, or other financial or in-kind benefits.

SiteGround shared hosting; A2Hosting shared hosting, Cloudways VPS host management.