Reciprocal Mentoring Lab – new site with event manager

The RML website was a lot of fun to build!  They hired a great designer, they have a genuinely interesting mission, and we enjoyed the challenge of customizing their event manager to meet their needs.

One notable difference is that workshops are usually booked by HR managers, which meant we not only had to gather booking information for the managers who were paying as well as registration and contact information for each mentor/mentee pair.  The event manager we used, Events Manager Pro, was a great choice.  It’s the second-most popular event manager for WordPress but we found it far simpler to customize and we feel it’s much easier to administer than others we’ve worked with.



(Frequently asked question: Why don't we always provide links to the websites we build?  While the images you see are of the websites as we delivered them, one of our core values as web developers is "it's your website!"  We teach our clients to how to update and manage their own websites.  That means that over time their sites change to meet their needs, and so we don't feel it's fair to take credit for their contributions.)