Redesigning your Website? Make sure your Traffic doesn’t Fall!

The internet is constantly changing, and website redesigns are always going to be on the horizon. However, your website redesign doesn’t always have to interrupt your website traffic! Here’s a few helpful tips on how to prevent a traffic dip:

  • Be sure to plan ahead!  Check over every inch of your current website and make notes on everything.What you like, dislike, want to scrap, want to keep, all of such are important to help make this transition as smooth as possible.
  • Check over all redirect possibilities. A redirect is where a link, webpage, or website that used to hold your old website, automatically direct to your new webpage. A mistake in redirects can cause the user to get frustrated with your site while in construction and even after.
  • Create a new Sitemap. Google and other search engines will use the structure of your website to determine its place on their listings. So if your web design looks completely different and has a brand new layout, it’s important to submit a new Google sitemap. The best news about this tip? We can do this for you! If we rebuild your website, we will take care of all the details like submitting new sitemaps.
  • Content and Copy. If your content is being updated as well as your layout and design, make sure to optimize your copy for your wanted demographics. What your copy is optimized for will impact the demographics your site attracts, so consider them carefully as it’s crucial to your ongoing success. Hint hint, we can take care of this too!

If you think your in need of a website redesign and restructure, we can help! We love taking old sites and turning them into new! Give us a call today to make your website transition as easy as possible.














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