ReviewSignal’s WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks for 2019 are out!

Every year Review Signal does a performance survey of major hosting companies.

Every year SignalReview runs a series of long-term benchmark tests on a wide array of hosting companies, ranging from bottom-of-the-barrel shared hosting to very high-end enterprise hosting.  I particularly appreciate this in-depth review because so many others focus entirely on the bottom-of-the-barrel, cheapest offerings from every provider.  That might be fine for hobby, personal, or maybe HTML-only site owners who don’t really care about losing visitors to slow performance or losing ratings from search engines.  But cheap commodity shared hosting is almost always a bad idea for businesses.

Most of our clients will be interested in the results for the $25/month and less tier.  Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean “cheap.”  And some of these inexpensive offerings perform very well.

Incendia Web Works led the pack on the WPPerformanceTester PHP bench and led on the WordPress database benchmark. The only real outlier is DreamHost in the PHP bench did it nearly 7 seconds slower than any other company.

It was good to see a lot of our favorites do well, and good to get confirmation about some of the stinkers out there.  (Sometimes “cheap” doesn’t mean inexpensive either!)

It was also good to see some new entries.  Over the next few months we’ll be reviewing some of these and adjusting our own recommendations accordingly.

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