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Here at Real Basics we build, fix, and maintain websites. We’re proud of the work we do. We love doing it too.

Something we don’t love is managing IT and intra-office computer technology.  Exchange and other mail servers?  Desktop and laptop security?  Printers?  Servers?  Routers, modems, and switches?  PBX and wireless phones?  Cloud computing?  We’ve done it before.  We could do it again if we had to.  But we wouldn’t be proud of it and we wouldn’t love it.

So we believe we serve our clients best by referring them to our friends at Salmon Bay Technology.  We like their affordable, reliable small-business back-office solutions.  We particularly appreciate their expertise in email and cloud services and are impressed by their knowledge of

Give them a call at (206) 905-9520!

Salmon Bay Technology - IT Solution

Salmon Bay Technology

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David Innes,

I've been building and maintaining websites since 1997 and building and supporting similar hypertext-driven software since 1987. I've done maintenance, support, and maintenance for physical and digital systems since 1981. And no, I still haven't seen it all but by now I usually know where to look. More about David Innes...