SEO? Effective Blogging? Security? Updates? It’s Your Website – Let’s Make it Work Harder for You

Let us keep an eye on your website for you.

Unless you updated your website last decade year month week chances are it’s at least a little out of date.

Can you take advantage of the latest SEO best practices?  Are you making the best use of your blog?  Do you still have an old “contact us” form with no phone numbers or email address?  Do you stay on top of the latest web software updates?

Hey, when was the last time you did a full site backup?

And let’s not even mention the latest behind-the-scenes trends in integration Facebook and Google Plus are pressuring us to add on the backend!

I know.  I know!  I’m not one to talk.


I am one to listen.  And watch.  And can listen and watch for you.

You actually don’t have to be eternally vigilant about your website.  But you do need to pay attention.  Or… get someone to pay attention for you.

RealBasics would be delighted to do as much or as little assessment and maintenance as you feel comfortable with.

Give us a call or drop us a line and find out what we can offer.

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David Innes,

I've been building and maintaining websites since 1997 and building and supporting similar hypertext-driven software since 1987. I've done maintenance, support, and maintenance for physical and digital systems since 1981. And no, I still haven't seen it all but by now I usually know where to look. More about David Innes...