Still have Flash On Your Site? Fewer and Fewer People Can See It!

Every day more and more browsers block Adobe Flash

Every day more and more browsers block Adobe Flash

Adobe® Flash has been dying for years. Apple’s refusal to support it on IOS. People joke (and often worry) about Adobe’s frequent, sometimes daily “security updates.”   And it’s recently come to light that major companies and even governments have been using undisclosed exploits in Flash to spy on anyone they might not like!

Now, as WordPress SEO guru 

Flash is dead, bye bye!

Firefox is now blocking Flash by default. Flash was always a stupid idea, but in the off chance that you’re still using it on your site, you probably should stop for real now. I mean, we have animated GIFs for annoying content!

Follow the link to see the annoying GIF animation de Valk shared.

Do you still have Flash on your site? It might just be driving your old video player. It might be running an old slideshow. If your site’s old enough it might even be driving your entire website!

Used to be if you wanted visually interesting content on your website you had to use Flash.  But there have been native HTML solutions for years. Times change.  Time to upgrade.

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