Supporting Water1st

Water1st is a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring everyone in the world has the same access to piped water that people in the United States have come to expect. They got in touch with us when their website began to buckle under the pressure of a critical fundraising campaign. We helped them move their website to…

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More reasons to use real hosting for websites

Screen shot of a news report about a LinkedIn security breach.

Bottom Top line: Never, ever host a public website on your personal or business network. Pardon the mild profanity in the screenshot but this video by network engineer Serena from @serenashenetworks explains why very well. The explanation might be a little more technical than you’re used to, but basically she’s describing the computer equivalent of…

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How cheap is “cheap” hosting vs a “cheap” VPN?

We’ve updated this post with new hosting information In a private Facebook group for WordPress hosting someone who’s trying to save as much money as possible asked a specific question about two hosting plans. They’d initially bought a plan from commodity provider HostGator but had been advised to switch a more premium SiteGround account. It…

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Good reasons not to rely (completely) on backup from (even really great) hosting plans

So another participant in a private Facebook group for WordPress users echoed something I’d said about the importance of making your own backups. Similar to David Innes I use [a commercial backup plugin] for Scheduled backups ([cloud-based storage firm] is my choice, but there are many others)…And a lot of people when backups have been discussed…

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Arithmetic: would you spend $500 to save $10?

If you have really terrible hosting it can cost you Lost leads Lower search engine ranking Abandoned site visits Lost sales Lost customer If you have “Inexpensive,” but really terrible hosting it can also cost you… Additional hours of development time Because somebody’s got to spend time on the phone with your host’s tech support,…

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ReviewSignal’s WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks for 2019 are out!

Every year Review Signal does a performance survey of major hosting companies.

Every year SignalReview runs a series of long-term benchmark tests on a wide array of hosting companies, ranging from bottom-of-the-barrel shared hosting to very high-end enterprise hosting.  I particularly appreciate this in-depth review because so many others focus entirely on the bottom-of-the-barrel, cheapest offerings from every provider.  That might be fine for hobby, personal, or…

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