Exact Electric – HTML to WordPress Conversion

We converted ExactElectric.com from hand-built HTML to WordPress

Exact Electric, LLC is a full-service electrical contractor serving Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region.  When they were ready to add blogging and social media to their site they approached us to rebuild their old HTML site to a new, responsive WordPress site.  We definitely can’t take all the credit since it was a…

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Shinn Mechanical – Site Rebuild

Shinn Mechanical - site recreation

Shinn Mechanical is a large northwest mechanical contractor that specializes in custom pipe fabrication.  Their old site was out of date and subject to several successful hacks that knocked their site completely offline.   Basing our work on archived HTML content we rebuilt their site in WordPress, paying extra attention to security.

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Stress-Wave.com — Standard Website

Link to stress-wave.com website

Stress-Wave.com – a standard website built by RealBasics.com. Stress-Wave® analyzes and analyzes metal fatigue in applications ranging from aerospace to orthodontics. Stress-wave is one of only a few companies in the world that performs a vital function: analyzing fatigue in materials where lives matter. But while their technology is state-of-the-art they hadn’t updated their website…

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Sound Native Plants — Advanced Site

Sound Native Plants -- Advanced Site

In 2009 we upgraded this site from hand-coded HTML to Drupal 6, which at the time was the most sophisticated content management system available for small to medium-sized businesses.  In 2014 we rebuilt it again, this time in WordPress — which in our expert opinion is now much easier, less expensive, and easier to keep…

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