How much to build a (Real Estate) website?

In one of the Facebook groups for WordPress developers I follow someone asked: “Question what is the average charge or cost to a customer to build them a real estate web site?”  And someone answered: “Anywhere from $1500 to $100,000.”  That was not a flippant answer.  Here’s why. I happen to be working on this…

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Why do we add a page builder in almost every site?

We like the way Beaver Builder page builder lets you see the results when you edit the page.

Why do we add a page builder to almost every site we create?  Because we believe, strongly that it’s your website!”  Page builders just make owning your site that much easier. For those of you who don’t know, a page builder is a graphics tool that lets you create and edit even very complex web content without…

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Whatever Happened That Hugely Popular Company That Dropped Its Website In Favor of MySpace Five Years Ago?

“Why should I have my own website when there’s [insert social-media sitename here]?” It’s a popular question that, over the years, has always had the same answer: because then someone else owns it! Here’s the latest version of the story, this time from a podcast (#235) by Rooster Teeth, the very-successful online production company beginning at…

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