Good time to change your (too-frequently-used) passwords

FYI, if you re-use passwords it might be a good time to a) change passwords on your most critical accounts (bank, Google, Facebook, business websites, you-know-better-than-I-do…) Because thanks to a recent release of 1.4 BILLION username/password pairs hackers are having a field day! Breaking: Aggressive WordPress Brute Force Attack Campaign Started Today, 3am UTC From…

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Can you be too personal with “Personal Security Questions?”

Nihilistic Password Security Questions image from the awesome "This isn't Happiness" blog

Short answer?  “Personal security questions” aren’t secure.  Irony, right?  Don’t use personal information to answer those”Personal Security” questions.   Mother’s “maiden” name? Hospital where you were born? First school you attended? Best friend in high school? Hmm. Let’s say someone was, oh, say, an identity thief. And let’s say they happened to have access to any of the 5,000+ lists…

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Tip: How to Recover Your WordPress Password

Find the "Lost your password?" link.

If you don’t log in often it’s easy to forget the password on your WordPress website.  Here’s how to recover your password. Find the login page for your site.  (It’s almost always something like””) Click “Lost Your Password?” Type your username (if you remember it) or your email address in the… well… “Username or password”…

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Use these 25 passwords to make sure you get hacked… oh wait!

Cool post from on the runaway most-popular passwords… and therefore the ones hackers try first. [twocol_one] 123456 password 12345 12345678 qwerty 1234567890 1234 baseball dragon football 1234567 monkey letmein [/twocol_one][twocol_one_last] abc123 111111 mustang access shadow master michael superman 696969 123123 batman trustno1 [/twocol_one_last] So about the title of this post: yeah, don’t choose any of…

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Cool password generator website

Simple Strong Password Generator website screenshot

Check out the Simple Strong Password Generator website. UPDATE:  If the Simple Strong Password Generator website isn’t available you might want to try or the XKCD Password Generator from There’s a link on the page explaining why four simple lower-case words is more secure than a shorter, harder to remember one with lots of…

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Why YOUR Site Needs Strong Passwords

Over at the WordFence blog, Mark Maunder explains why it’s important to enforce strong passwords on your website: f someone hacks your site and downloads the user database table they can crack your encrypted passwords at their leisure  We can fix that and here’s why that matters! “Why do I care, my site has already been…

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