Why the difference between real WordPress vs for-profit “WordPress.com” matters

Short answer? Real WordPress is free, open-source, created and distributed by a not for profit foundation, and distributed to individual tens of millions of personal web servers around the world.Meanwhile, the for-profit, deceptively named WordPress.com is a social-media-style company like Twitter or Facebook, with terms of service that let the owners freely collect and sell…

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Why every website needs a 50,000 mile checkup

Oil Change by Flickr User Tobin

Hey, if WordPress is so great why do so many web developers offer maintenance plans? Is WordPress really that insecure? Fragile? Hackable? No! A well-built WordPress site on a good hosting plan is surprisingly secure. So… why should you still get a good WordPress maintenance plan? Here’s how I explain things to my clients: WordPress…

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More reasons to use real hosting for websites

Screen shot of a news report about a LinkedIn security breach.

Bottom Top line: Never, ever host a public website on your personal or business network. Pardon the mild profanity in the screenshot but this video by network engineer Serena from @serenashenetworks explains why very well. The explanation might be a little more technical than you’re used to, but basically she’s describing the computer equivalent of…

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