15 Million Vulnerable to All in One SEO Pack Bug

All-in-one-SEO Pack hack fixed

  Yesterday the vulnerability was announced. If you’re a RealBasics maintenance client using All in One SEO Pack your site is already protected and the plugin fixed. Today, All in One SEO Pack plugin team has released an emergency security update that patches two critical privilege escalation vulnerabilities and one cross site scripting (XSS) flaw,…

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Good news! WordPress 3.9 dramatically improves posting photos and editing text!

There’s so much to like about the new WordPress 3.9.  If you’re a RealBasics maintenance client your site’s already been backed up, security checked, optimized, and updated to 3.9.  (If you’re not a maintenance client then give us a call!) Highlights: Much more mobile friendly interfaces! Improved visual editing — better format options, more mobile friendly. Add…

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Possible new WordPress “update required” phishing scam

Head’s up for WordPress users on rumors of a new variation on an older scam. It’s especially tricky right now because the newest versions of WordPress actually do send you email saying (truthfully!) that it’s automatically updated itself.  Here’s how one person reported the issue: USING WORDPRESS? Beware of a VERY legit looking email going…

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