Over a billion websites: mostly parked, old, vulnerable!

Statistics site Internet Live Stats reports there are currently 1,060,822,043 websites in the world!  Even if you read this only minutes after I post there will already be thousands more!  Just follow that link and watch the counter fly! ILS also reports, however, that It must be noted that around 75% of websites today are not active, but…

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What Would You Do If Your Site Completely Disappeared?

Recent database server-failure messages.

Nobody wants to see messages like these when they visit their website.  Or their hosting company.  Or their website control panel. And the good news?  Usually you don’t! It’s even better news if you have regular, recent backups stored somewhere besides your hosting company’s servers. That way, if bad comes to worse and your hosting company has…

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Folks who don’t have RealBasics service contracts need to patch their WordPress sites.

On the other hand if you’re already one of our service customers your software’s already updated and your site is secure. Here’s the warning from the good folks at WordFence WordPress Vulnerability: WordPress before 3.7.2 and 3.8.x before 3.8.2 allows remote authenticated users to publish posts by leveraging the Contributor role. More info available on the…

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News for clients about the “Heartbleed” security flaw

Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability Logo

Summary: Unless we’ve contacted you individually via phone or email your site doesn’t use security certificates and so it’s not directly affected by the widely reported Heartbleed internet-security bug. Details: When a security bug is reported as straight news in the New York Times it’s probably pretty serious.  And the newly reported OpenSSL “Heartbleed” bug, which may have…

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