Tip: How to Recover Your WordPress Password

If you don’t log in often it’s easy to forget the password on your WordPress website.  Here’s how to recover your password.

  1. Find the login page for your site.  (It’s almost always something like” http://yourwebsiteurl.com/wp-login.php.”)
  2. Click “Lost Your Password?”

    Find the "Lost your password?" link.

    Find the “Lost your password?” link.

  3. Type your username (if you remember it) or your email address in the… well… “Username or password” box.
  4. Click OK and in a few minutes you’ll get an email message with a link that will allow you to create a new password.

This might seem like a funny way to operate but it’s a lot more secure.  I mean why doesn’t WordPress just send you your password?  Turns out WordPress stores only a strongly encrypted version of your password — so strongly encrypted even it can’t get it back out again.  So that’s why it asks you to create a new one.

Long as you’re making a new password make sure it’s a good one.  The good news if you forget?  Now you know how to create a new one!

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