Time to update when your website tells prospects your “tall oak” business is still a tiny acorn


Tiny acornA lot of people build their websites when their businesses are just getting off the ground.  That’s actually a good thing, right, because early on a search-engine link could have been the only real “proof” that the business  existed.

Your business might even have been in that position.  And chances are pretty good you, or maybe the owner, or even the original owner of the business built the website.

Chances are even better, though, that the business has grown or changed from those first days or weeks.  And if you’re lucky?  You’ve been too busy growing that business to keep your website up to date.

The result?  Your site is continues to tell prospects and clients that your business is smaller and maybe more limited than it really is.

If that sounds familiar — if you want your site to say what you’re doing now but just don’t have time to do it yourself — then you’re an ideal RealBasics.com client!   Give us a call.

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David Innes, RealBasics.com

I've been building and maintaining websites since 1997 and building and supporting similar hypertext-driven software since 1987. I've done maintenance, support, and maintenance for physical and digital systems since 1981. And no, I still haven't seen it all but by now I usually know where to look. More about David Innes...