Does Your Website Have a Blog? In 2018, it Should!


It’s 2018, what are you waiting for?

Blogging can often seem like a daunting task or one that seems like it would take up too much of your business’s or personal time. However, a recent article by gives us 10 reasons why you should start a blog with WordPress! Here are some top reasons:

  • Blogging is easy
  • You can improve your writing chops
  • Learn new information and skills each day
  • Make Money! There are lots of ways to make money with blogging.
  • Become an Authority on your subject or business

Now that you’ve decided to create your blog for your website, where do your start? has some great suggestions on their website for how to start a blog.  The best part of all this? Say you’re still on the fence about putting the time in to start a blog, RealBasics can help! We’ve got writers specifically able to blog for businesses and their websites. Don’t fear starting a blog in 2018! One way or another, embrace blogging this year for you and your business.

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