Why Has Your Website Traffic Dropped?

I haven’t re-designed, but my traffic is dropping!

Website traffic is every business owner’s concern. When traffic is dropping, sometimes the first thing to do is PANIC, just kidding, the very first thing to do is NOT panic. What you should do is go into your Google Analytics to see what exactly is happening. Not comfortable with Google Analytics? Check out this great guide to your analytics page.

Check your code!

Even the simplest and smallest of changes in your website can cause a break in your links or accidental deletion of your tracking code. If you’re using WordPress, you can always start with the Broken Link tool in the “Tools” section of your sidebar.

Server Overload

Web servers have the ability to take on too much at one time, parts of your website might make your server slow down or even crash completely. If web traffic is down, there’s a chance your server is too slow and not loading in a decent time.

User-Generated Spam

While it sounds unlikely, no site is spam-proof! To check if you’ve been hacked, you can go to Google’s comprehensive list of all the necessary steps to bring your site back to life!

Duplicate Content

Content is your best friend! Duplicate content throughout your site is simple to spot. Having as much original content as possible will help your site by becoming more valuable to Google. There are simple plugins to help you catch duplicate content in your site.

Looking to find more reasons your website traffic is down? Check out Forbes’ List of other common reasons your traffic might be down.

Real Basics can help analyze your site fully and find the real killer of your SEO for you! Give us a call today to start on your path to fixing your site and your traffic!

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