WordPress 5.0 will be cool, but waiting a week for WordPress 5.0.1 will be worth it

WordPress 5.0 introduced the new Gutenberg editor

The new Gutenberg blog editor is just one of the nice improvements that comes with WordPress 5.0.

It’s a very big change though.  And while it’s been tested by thousands of users they were still making bug fixes and feature changes almost up to the last minute.

That might be par for the course, but in my experiments so far I’ve noticed several problems…

  • There can be multiple “Edit Page” options in the administration bar depending on whether you’re using the “Classic Editor” plugin or page builders.
  • Not all themes and plugins have been updated to take advantage of the new editor or those pesky late bug fixes and last-minute feature changes
  • Even the experts have only had a few hours to assess this “final” version
  • Due to ridiculous timing, WordPress 5.0 was released just as many major developers were on their way to WordCamp US 2018 in Nashville, TN.  (Instead of in their development offices.)

The WordPress developers themselves have said they expect to be releasing minor bug-fixing versions of 5.0 (i.e. 5.0.1., 5.0.2, etc.) roughly once a week

My strong advice?  Wait just a week or two before upgrading to let everyone else catch up.

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