WordPress market share passes 27%

People occasionally ask me why we specialize on WordPress even though we could support numerous other platforms.  To say “that’s where all the websites are” would be overstating it a bit.  But it’s not and understatement to say “27% of all websites now run WordPress.”  Here’s the lead paragraph for the post on WP Tavern.

WordPress Passes 27% Market Share, Banks on Customizer for Continued Success

As I’ve said in the past, no matter how rickety or limited it was in the early days WordPress has evolved into the internet equivalent of Honda or Toyota: popular because it’s easy to own and operate, doesn’t require much maintenance, and almost everyone can find someone who can work on it for them.  If you’ve got the time and interest then every bookstore you can find books ranging from WordPress for dummies to WordPress for rocket scientists.  Google can show you hundreds of thousands of support pages for almost every problem.  There are thousands or tens of thousands of instructional videos.  If you’ve got even more time there are community college and even high-school classes for all levels of WordPress.  And if you don’t have time and interest?  Well, not to brag but there are full-service companies like ours who can help you too.


David Innes, RealBasics.com

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