The Worst SiteGround Hosting is Better than the Best GoDaddy Shared Hosting

Image by Flickr user Steve Depolo

Image by Flickr user Steve Depolo

I’m going to be real blunt here and say don’t use GoDaddy for shared hosting.  Just don’t.  I’m going to go further and say if you are using GoDaddy for shared hosting stop.  Just stop.

I hate saying it because there are some very nice people at GoDaddy.  Great support people.  The company is really committed to WordPress and they contribute a lot to the community.

But their hosting is terrible!  It’s slow!  As I’ve said in the past GoDaddy shared hosting is unnecessarily and arbitrarily slow!

But you know what else?  For cheap, small-scale shared hosting GoDaddy is also ridiculously expensive!  Here’s what I mean when I say that.

Last weekend, I updated a client’s site with some fairly simple capabilities to their GoDaddy account.  Those simple changes completely bogged down their server.   I suggested (as I usually do) that they needed to upgrade their service level from “Deluxe hosting” to “Deluxe hosting Level 3.”  Then I looked at the price of upgrading.  And then I started looking at other hosting options.  In the end, after a short conversation, I ended up moving them another cheap hosting company,, for less than GoDaddy would have charged to “upgrade” them to… a still really miserable performance level.

Since last weekend I’ve moved two other clients.  All three client’s sites now run well.

  • Much, much faster.
  • For less money!
  • With fast, constantly updated software (for instance GoDaddy’s inexplicably unwilling to upgrade their servers to safer and more secure versions of the PHP programming language.)
  • With free SSL security certificates, which Google, Firefox, and other browsers now warn users about if you don’t have one.  (GoDaddy charges almost as much for a security certificate as some other sites charge for decent hosting plus a certificate!)
  • Without constantly running out of “I/O Usage” and other “resources.”  (I/O Usage is a bizarre bottleneck I’ve only really seen with GoDaddy hosting.)

So… yeah.  Much as I like talking to the support people at GoDaddy (they’re really nice) the fact of the matter is I almost never have to call support for other hosting companies.  But GoDaddy?  Yeah, maybe all you really need to know is that I’ve got GoDaddy’s support number on speed dial.

So I’m just going to say it one more time: Don’t use GoDaddy for shared hosting.  If you do use GoDaddy for shared hosting stop.  Just stop.

Switch to someone else.  Almost anyone else!

I’ve been recommending SiteGround for the last year or so.  I can get a small commission if you sign up with them  so in just a moment I’m going to give you an affiliate link.  But I think switching away is a big enough benefit that I’m going to give you a non-affiliate link too.  (The price for you will be the same regardless, I’m just willing to give up my commission if you’re willing to find someone else.)


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