You’d probably agree with NASA’s reasons for switching to WordPress

NASA KEYBOARD MODULE image from {author}

Image from jurvetson used under a Attribution License

NASA’s Glenn Research Center, has very down to earth reasons for switching to WordPress.  Their detailed explanations are entirely readable but here’s the gist

The following are the main benefits we’ve found in using our implementation of WordPress as a content management system for the NASA Glenn Research Center web sites we maintain.

  • Only Basic HTML Experience Required
  • No Additional Software Necessary
  • Built-in Section 508 Compliancy
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Search Engine Notification
  • Built-in Search Engine
  • Content Separate from Design
  • Automatic RSS Feeds
  • Low Cost, Lower Maintenance and Widely Supported
  • Track Actual Site Usage
  • Other Automatic Features

Source: NASA

Our only quibble would be that for most site owners even basic HTML experience isn’t particularly necessary!  But otherwise we agree completely!

Over the years WordPress is very convenient and reliable for owners and users, while becoming more and more powerful and flexible for developers who build with it.

If WordPress were a car we’d say it’s become the Honda, Ford, or Toyota of content management systems.

Like a lot of other small businesses and big institutions NASA are starting to switch.  We’d be happy to help you make the switch too.


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